LockByMobile presented at Finovate Europe 2015

During Finovate Europe 2015 held in London, LockByMobile was featured through a live product demonstration to more than 1,200 attendees. Participants came from the global payments and card industry, including media covering banking and finance, and a number of European banks which showed interest in the solution.

Finovate is the only global conference series showcasing the best and most innovative new financial and banking technologies. The event consistently attracts large, high-impact audiences of senior financial and banking executives, venture capitalists, press, industry analysts, bloggers, regulators, and entrepreneurs.

Quotes and Photos

"We are honored by this recognition given by more developed and advanced banking institutions as well as the foreign media knowledgeable of all the latest financial security solutions around the world. What makes this sweeter is the fact that LockByMobile is the only Asian-developed solution featured in such a prestigious event", said Lito M. Villanueva, vice president and head of FinTech, Digital Innovation and Alliances of Voyager.

"We're excited to see positive global response to LockByMobile and being featured at Finovate Europe is indeed a milestone", Villanueva added.

"The future is mobile. Consumers now seldom go to bank branches and are increasingly turning to their mobile devices to conduct banking-related activities. The question now is 'how can banks ensure security of their clients?' The logical step must be enshrined within the mobile device. LockByMobile is an industry-grade, bank and telco-agnostic, and world-class solution that can readily scale globally", Villanueva stressed.

Here are some of the photos taken during the conference:

Media Response

Payments news and analysis site, Let's Talk Payments, cited LockByMobile as one of the top three financial innovations solutions presented by 73 financial technology companies worldwide that participated in the conference. LockByMobile was also featured by Lafferty in its event report as one of the standouts.

Payments Source, a trade analysis site featured LockByMobile and in the article, it said that "mobile banking apps that allow consumers to proactively lock their debit cards, or limit their cards' use to specific scenarios, could shift the way banks manage fraud and even enable them to place some of the liability on the consumer". It recognized that while banks are implementing the feature, LockByMobile "pushes this point even harder by insisting that the feature gives consumers some skin in the game".

Here are some of the press releases about LockByMobile after our demo at Finovate: